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Busan Metro, Busan Transportation Corporation
The Busan Metro (subway) has 4 subway lines and one (1) Light rail line which are frequent, travels to most attractions, and fairly inexpensive.
For your convenience buy a Cash Bee card (T-Money or Smart Card - rechargeble card) at a convenience store.
It saves the time of purchasing new tickets every time you go on the subway or bus.
These can be reloaded as needed at the station kiosk or at convenience stores.
The cards can be used on most public transportation and for convenience store purchases.
Refunds on the remaining balance on your T-Money card is available at all convenience stores who participate in T-Money card.

You can find out detailed information about fares for Metro at Busan Metro Website (Korean Only)


Busan Bus Transportation


Busan Public Bus
Busan has a very extensive and inexpensive bus transportation system which comes in very handy for those hard to get to places away from Subway stations or from your hotel/house to the subway station.
The Busan Bus Transportation association is the general transport control center for bus information.

For detailed information on bus lines and fares visit Busan Bus Transportation Association Website (Korean Only)


Busan Public Transport Tips


- Buy a T-Money card (aka Cash Bee Card) to avoid the hassle of buying ticket every time you want to take the subway.
  T-Money card is the stored-value card like the Octopus card in Hong Kong.
  T-Money card sells for W2500 and can be purchased in all convenience stores.
  You can reload a T-Money card at any Metro station or major chain convenience store like 7-11.
  When you are leaving Busan just go to any big chain convenience store for a refund.
  You will get back any remaining value on the T-Money card but not the W2500.

- Make sure to pick up a Busan Metro subway map at any visitors center.
- Another option to public buses is to book a bus tour near Busan Station.
  The tour buses have a stop behind to the taxi queue.
  You can get on and off the buses as you desire at attraction stops and see most of the sites in Busan.

- Ask at the tourist information desk at Busan Station or visit Busan City Tour website