Busan Taxi Cab Information


Busan Taxi info


Taxi cabs are readily available in the Busan.
If you are traveling with many young children and luggage this may be your best option.
There are many kinds of taxis in Busan: Regular taxi, Call taxi, and Deluxe taxi.
Black Taxis black are equipped with special features but will cost you double.
A taxi marked with the official bird of Busan, the sea gull, means that the cab driver speaks another language other than Korean.
Busan Taxi cabs can be found at taxi stands in most hotels or hailed on the streets.
There are also Call taxis that can be requested by phone (rates may be slightly higher).
Most taxis accept credit cards in Busan.


Busan International Taxi




Busan Call Taxi


English Assistance for taxi - Call Korea Travel Hotline (+82-2-1330)

Busan App-based "ride-share" services

Kakoa, Limo, T-Map, and Baek Gisa also operates in Busan Metro area, however communication in English is usually an issue

Busan Taxi Tip

 It is a good idea to have your destination name written in Korean as most taxi drivers speak Korean only.