New Delhi Taxi Cabs Information

Taxi/ Cab info

Taxis are easy to find and are great for short trips

There are various types of Taxi cabs available in New Delhi:

The “normal” Black and Yellow topped taxi which don’t have airconditioning and Radio Taxis which have air conditioning

If you are at the airport it is fairly easy to get a taxi.  
Make sure that if you choose to take a taxi from the airport, only get a prepaid taxi or car from one the counters at the arrival hall.
Just walk up to one of the taxi counters, tell them your destination and they will let you know the fare.  You can Pay for your taxi by cash or credit card.   
Once you pay.  Then the stall attendant will give you a receipt with a taxi number and will tell you where to catch your taxi.  If not ask the counter attendant.
Check before you pay if your taxi has air-conditioning.

To find the black and yellow cab at the airport:  
Follow the prepaid taxi signs at the airport, exit the arrival hall, and walk to the taxi cue attendant.   
Show him/her your receipt and he/she will direct you to your taxi.  

Radio cabs and chauffer drivens rental cars will guide you to your vehicle.  
Taxi, radio cabs, and chauffer driven cars are a good choice if you arrive during non-peak hours. 

Regular Taxi Cab

Please request your Hotel door staff to call regular cab for you. They are usually waiting outside or inside Hotels to pickup passengers.

To get a regular taxi in the city, you can go to a taxi stand or nearby hotel, or you can try to flag a taxi along the road

Radio Cabs

For a Radio Taxi, simply call them to arrange for pick up.  They act similar to Uber. 

We recommend taking radio taxis for comfort. 
They are fitted with GPS technology, digital fare meters and can print receipts.  The fare is based on distance per kilometer.  
Radio cabs are available 24x7 in Delhi  

A Few leading Radio Cab service numbers for Delhi are below:
Easy Cab: 91-11-43434343
Mega Cab: 91-11-41414141
Meru Cab: 91-11-44224422
Chanson Cab: 91-11-47774777
Yo Cab: 91-11-44664466
Air Cab: 91-11-48484848

App-based "ride-share" services

Uber, & Ola also operates in Delhi Metro area

Private Cars

Another option are chauffer driven Rental Cars.  
Rental cars can be identified by the yellow license plates.  
They can not be hired on the street, you must pre-arrange these vehicles by hotel or reference. 
They offer 24/7 availability, door to door service at a fixed daily/ weekly rate.  
The rate will depend on the type of car you choose.  They average $60-$100 a day.
The cars are usually clean, well maintained, air-conditioned and the drivers are professionals and speak English.


Delhi Rickshaws: 

- Auto Rickshaw
- Cycle Rickshaw
- E Rickshaw


Auto rickshaw is another common form of transportation for short distance in Delhi. Auto rickshaws are cheap and convenient to travel. Auto rickshaw can sit 3 people comfortably. Autos can be found on street everywhere in Delhi. They are green with yellow color top. One doesn't have to wait for them. Auto fares are inexpensive and like taxi can be determined by either meter or negotiation (although insist on going by the meter).

There are 3 kinds of Rickshaws available:

The auto-rickshaws (popularly known as Auto) are a popular means of public transportation in Delhi, as they are cheaper than taxis.  They run on compressed natural gas (CNG) as most vehicles in Delhi in an effort to manage pollution.
Hiring an Auto in Delhi is can be tricky. 
You may have to haggle for your fare even though there are fare guidelines.  Don’t worry, either way a ride on one of these wont break the bank. 

Fare Guidelines:
Rs 25/- for first 2 Kilometer and thereafter Rs. 8/- per Kilometer for every additional Kilometer
Night Charges 25% of the fare (11:00 PM to 5:00 AM)
Waiting Charges Rs 30/- per hour or part thereof (Subject to a minimum of 15 minutes stay)
Luggage Rs. 7.50/- shall be charged as extra luggage charges whereas the driver/ operator shall not charge money for a shopping bag or a small suitcase

The Cycle-rickshaws are a popular mode of travel for short distance transits in the city.
The pedal-powered rickshaws are easily available throughout the old part of the city (Old Delhi). 
They are easy for going into small streets where cars can not go. 

E-rickshaws are electric powered are good for very short distances. 
Although you can find them all over the city, they are common in the Old Delhi area.

Rickshaws are not just a mode of transport but an attraction as well and will add to your memory of India
Be aware of your clothing and personal items.
Don’t stick out your hand or any items from the rickshaw.
They can pretty fast, but its usually the traffic that constrains their speed. 
There is no airconditioning and open air so you may get dusty after your ride.