New Delhi - Tips



 Delhi weather is hot in summer and Cooler in winter. Best time to visit is from October to Feburary.

Clothes/ Bags

 In summer, wear light cotton clothing which protects your body from sun, insects, and dust.
In winter, bring a warm sweater or light jacket as the weather can get cold especially at night.

It’s a good idea to dress conservatively (not exposing too much skin) to avoid unwanted attention.
Bring a good pair of walking shoes/sandals!  
Bring a cotton scarf (chunni) / helps shield from sun, dust, and can be used to wrap around your body as needed.  

Bring a Small handbag and reusable shopping bag:  Backpacks and large bags are not allowed in many attractions due to security

Hygiene/ first-aid

 Carry hand sanitizers/ wet wipes, paper tissue, and bandaids with you at all times.

Food/ Drinks

 Avoid street food for children.    
If you want to try street food, make sure it is fully cooked and vegetarian.

In general don’t let food sit out for more than 15-20 minutes as food can spoil quickly in hot weather.
Indian food is typically spicy so check before ordering.

There are many fast foods available in India such as McDonalds, KFC, Domino's,
Don’t expect beef though even at McDonalds.

Drink water or soda from sealed bottles to avoid getting sick.
Any boiled beverage such as Chai or coffee should be okay to drink.


 In the street markets bargaining is a common practice and expected.

Tips for Bargaining:

Begin with asking the price of the item you are interested in.
Once the merchant states the price, ask if there is a discount? Or, state that it is too expensive and walk away.
If the merchant goes down in price, bargain away.
Make sure to bargain but only if you intend to purchase. 
Determine the price that you are willing to pay, and fair to the merchant.  Don't go beyond that price!  
Be ready to walk away politely, there is usually another stall carrying the same item.
If you are buying multiple amounts of an item, make sure to ask for a discount!

Preparation for the Night Market:
Have cash on hand
Bring small bill denominations 
Bring a bag to carry your goods.


Public transport is affordable and comfortable but is very crowded in Delhi especially during peak hours.

The New Delhi Metro is a fast way to get around the city but you may have to combine with a rickshaw or taxi to get to your final destination.

Taxi cabs and private cars are more convenient modes of transportation in Delhi but it will get stuck in traffic at peak times. 

For detailed information go to the Hipfig's webpages for public transportation and taxi/cab.

Public Toilets

Always go to the restroom before you leave your hotel room!

When you see a clean toilet in public places, use it!  
Hotel's are usually good places to use the restroom.

Although there are western toilets in many places around Delhi, you might run into a squatty toilet.
Often there is no toilet paper or soap in the public restrooms or washrooms, so carry your own toilet paper/ hand sanitizer.

Use the water faucet or bucket provided for washing.
To avoid getting your pants wet, cup water in your hands and clean as needed.