Fukuoka - Public Transportation



Trains - Subway, JR lines & Other companies


Easiest way to move around in Fukuoka is by Subways.
Fukuoka subway system connects all major part of cities including Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Station, Tenjin station providing access to main tourist places in the city.
Fukuoka City subway consists of three subway lines, the Kuko, or Airport Line, the Hakozaki Line and the Nanakuma Line.
The Kuko Line runs west from Fukuoka Airport to Meinohama, and connects with the JR Chikuhi Line.
The Hakozaki Line runs from Nakasu-Kawabata to Kaizuka, and connects with Nishitetsu Kaizuka Line.
The Nanakuma Line links stations between Tenjin-Minami and Hashimoto.

 Public buses


Public buses Fukuoka has extensive network of Public bus system available for commuting inside city.
Three major bus companies operate in Fukuoka: Nishitetsu, Showa and JR Kyushu.
Nishitetsu Bus covers almost all of Fukuoka, while Showa Bus operates in the western region such as Gakken Toshi and Karatsu, and JR Kyushu operates lines in the eastern region.




• Different types of one or multiple day discount passes are available for traveling through Fukuoka public transport system.
• If staying for many days in Fukuoka area, buy a IC card as it provides greater value for your money, and save time with trips to ticketing machines.