Hong Kong - Tips for Travelers

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 Public Transportation Tips ⇓


Use public transportation like MTR trains, buses, ferries, and mini buses for faster, easier, and less expensive commute around
Hong Kong.

Octopus Card

As soon as get into Hong Kong, buy an Octopus Card "Smart reloadable Payment Card" ($50 HKD deposit and $100 HKD load) at any Airport Express counter, MTR train station, or Seven-Eleven (7-11) Stores.

An Octopus Card is easy to use to pay for public transportation and for purchases in many retail stores like 7-11!

Recharge Octopus Card

Reload your Octopus card at any MTR train station or Seven-Eleven (7-11) store.
Reload can be either $50 HKD or multiples of $50 HKD ( $100 HKD, $150 HKD, $200 HKD etc.)

Airport Express Train

Take Quick and comfortable Airport Express train to and from the Airport to the City.
Purchase an Octopus Card, or a ticket at an Airport Express Ticket Counter in the Airport.

Airport Express offers a discount for group travel, a single journey ticket sets for 2-4 people.
You must be traveling together in order to get the discounted fare.

Hong Kong Airport Express Ticket - $6.58

from: Viator

Free Hotel Shuttle Bus

Use the free Airport Express shuttle bus service from Airport Express Kowloon station or Airport Express Hong Kong station to and from major hotels in their respective areas.

City Transportation Map

Ask the hotel Concierge for a MTR train map, and bus routes numbers or maps.




 Other Tips ⇓


 Wear good and comfortable walking or running shoes as you will be walking and standing for long periods in Hong Kong

Currency Exchange


Convert the minimum required currency (like US100) at Airport currency exchange counter for immediate use.
You will get a better exchange rate in the City  (in Tsim Sha Tsui area aka TST) with no Service tax.

City Check-in for your flight


On your way out of Hong Kong use the airport Check-in counters at Airport Express Hong Kong station or Airport Express Kowloon station to check-in and drop off your luggage.