Honolulu (Oahu Island) - Hotel Neighbourhood
(Where to Stay in Honolulu?)



Hotels Intro


Majority tourist Honolulu hotels are in either Waikiki area, however hotels are also spread across all city areas like downtown, airport and away from city like North Shore, Ko Olina and Turtle Bay on Oahu Island.


Major Tourist Hotels Hub area


Waikiki, Northshore, Ko'Olina:

Waikiki is the most touristy in this Honolulu.  Hotels and condo rentals are abundant here in all price ranges.  The closer you are to Waikiki beach the more expensive.   Beaches are generally sandy and  have lagoons for calmer waters.  No need for car if you stay here unless you want to explore the Island.  You will have access to public transportation easily here.  See Public Transportation for more info.


Ko'Olina:  You will definitely need a car.  It is pretty far from most attractions in Oahu.  Prices for hotels and rentals tend to be high on this side of the Island.  If you like Golf and less crowds, this could be a consideration.


Northshore and Vicinity:  You will definitely need a car.  It is pretty far from most attractions in Oahu.  You can find hotel prices in all ranges here but will have less variety.   The beaches have stronger waves so something to consider if you have young children.  Great place to come to see green sea turtles and to surf!


Parking is really expensive at hotels.  There are parking lots in Waikiki which are cheaper but it may be a hassle to park and go to your room every day.  If you only need to rent a car for a day, there are many car rental places in Waikiki that you can pick up and return on a daily basis. 

Be aware that:  Most hotels in the Waikiki area have resort fees in addition to the daily rate.  Most standard hotel rooms tend to be on the small side (300 square feet or less).   

Consider:  finding a room with a full kitchen so you don't have to eat out everyday for every meal.  Hotels near the Canal tend to be cheaper and are a short walking distance to the beach and restaurants/stores in Wakikiki