Honolulu (Oahu Island) - Currency Exchange Information



The US Dollar


The legal currency in US is the United States dollar (USD or US$ or $).


Money Exchange (Cash)

Welcome to Hipfig’s Travel Guide Series on Honolulu.  In this article we will discuss currency exchange counter information for Honolulu focusing more on the Waikiki area.

You can find easily find currency exchange counters at the Honolulu international airport, major hotels, and Waikiki area. 

Some popular exchange counters in the Waikiki area include:

The Pacific Money Exchange on 339 Royal Hawaiian Ave

DFS Galleria Money Exchange on 330 Royal Hawaiian Ave

Paradise Foreign Exchange on 307 Lewers St.

d’R Exchange Currency Exchange on 353 Royal Hawaiian Ave

Currency Exchange International on 2330 Kalakaua Ave 

Travelex Currency Services at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki complex on Kalakaua Ave

You can also buy US Dollars at home from your bank before getting on to the plane for Oahu.

You can also exchange at the Banks like Bank of Hawaii which have several branches around town.  If you plan to change a large sum of money its a good idea to check around.  Most currency exchange transactions involve a commission and/or service fee.