Kaohsiung- Cijin District (Island)

There are many things to do the on the island but the most interesting is the night market. Here you can taste, smell, and see the food culture of Kaohsiung. Other attractions include:
• Tianhou Temple
• Cijin Shell Museum
• Cijin Wind Turbine Park
• Kaohsiung Lighthouse
• Qihou Fort
• YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung




Cijin Island


Admission Fee


Yes. Fee for ferry ride and other attractions in area.

Getting There

From Kaohsiung Main Station catch bus 248 and Exit on Gushan Ferry Pier
Line up and purchase tickets to Cijin Island.  Or,

Take Kaohsiung MRT-Orange Line (高雄捷運橘線) to MRT Sizihwan Station (捷運西子灣站).
Walk about 10 minutes towards Gushan Ferry Pier (鼓山渡輪站)
Purchase tickets to Cijin Island.

Bring Cash and Small change in NT$ 




This attractions will take you at least 2 hours.

The ferry queue is usually longer than the ride to the island so don't go at peak times- usually weekends.

There are multiple bike rental places so if you want to go explore the island this is a good way to explore the island.  
There is a bike rental shop from in front of the ferry station.

Wear comfortable shoes for walking and standing around.

There are no public bathrooms in the market.

Try all the different foods but use caution. Make sure food is hot and drinks are pure juice (no ice/ tap water) for your safety.

Most local restaurants are very affordable. Go to a restaurant that offers live seafood items that you select from tanks in front of the restaurant. Point to the items you want and they will cook it for you in whatever way you want. Caution, prices are usually posted but if not ask!




Cijin Island Information (Non-Official Website)