E-DA Theme Park and Mall - Kaohsiung

The E-DA Theme Park 義大遊樂世界 and mall is located in Dashu District.
The Greek themed Theme park is compact and attached to a huge mall.
There are a few scary rides outside and interior rides are milder. It has something for everyone.




No.10. Section 1, Xiecheng Road, Sanheli, Dashu District, Kaohsiung


Admission Fee




Getting There


By Bus:
At KRT Zuoying Station, Exit to outside to the Bus stop
Take the E-Da Bus to E-Da Theme Park




• This attraction will at least 3 hours or more depending on your interest.
• Wear good shoes and bring water. This is not a bit away from Kaohsiung City so make sure to check return bus times.




Visit Official E-DA World Website for tourist information