Ginkaku-ji Temple

Ginkaku-ji (銀閣寺, Silver Pavilion) is a Zen temple located at the base of Kyoto's eastern mountains (Higashiyama). Ginkaku-ji temple complex has the Silver Pavilion (Kannon Hall), few other smaller buildings, small water ponds, a moss garden and a beautiful unique dry sand garden called as "Sea of Silver Sand".

Ginkaku-ji temple complex has a loop route with a small hike with viewpoints which goes along all attractions inside Ginkaku-ji temple complex.





2 Ginkaku-ji-cho, Sakyo-ku (Japanese Address: 左京区銀閣寺町2)


Admission Fee


Yes. 500 Yen/ adult 9AM-4:30PM 7 Days a week


Getting There


From JR Kyoto station:
Take bus #5 or #10 or #100 to Ginkaku-ji-michi Stop
Follow signs and walk to Ginkaku-ji temple
Takes about 8-10 minutes (by walk) from bus stop




•Wear good shoes and bring water as Ginkaku-ji temple complex loop route has small hike.
• Shop at the stores outside the main gate. They tend to be cheaper. Great place for souvenirs and trinkets.
• This area is extremely busy and crowded. If possible go early and on weekdays!




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