Las Vegas Convenience, Pharmacy and Grocery Stores Guide

Buying Supplies

In Las Vegas, there are many options for family supplies in Las Vegas provided in this Convenience, Pharmacy and Grocery stores guide for new visitors to Las Vegas.

On the Strip itself, there are no major grocery stores.

There are some convenience stores (small markets), a few liquor stores, and some Pharmacy stores:

On the South side of the strip, most convenience and drug stores are located on South Las Vegas Blvd near the Citycenter area between the MGM Grand Hotel and Planet Hollywood
You will find a "One Stop Market" and "Walgreens" Pharmacy by Hawaiian Market place

A "CVS" pharmacy is near the front of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

On the North side of the strip, convenience stores and drug stores are located near the Circus Circus Hotel.
Look for "Century food mart" and "Walgreens" pharmacy across the street from Circus Circus.

Near the Venetian Hotel, you can find a "Walgreens" pharmacy

If you have a car, drive to a gas station. 
Most gas stations in Las Vegas have convenience stores but are located off the Strip.
These stores are spread all over Las Vegas for your needs such as water, snacks, special dietary food items, fruits etc.

Convenience and Pharmacy Stores

ABC Stores, Walgreen Drugs, and CVS

Grocery stores

Walmart located on Tropicana Ave - about 3-4 miles from Strip if you have a car