Los Angeles - Travel Tips




Summer weather can be warm in Los Angeles. However, it always cools off at the beach in late afternoon.
Winter can be rainy and the "June gloom" marine layer usually obscures the sun for weeks at a time.


Car Rental


LA is a driving (by Car) town. Unless you are staying walking distance or short bus ride, rent a car. Make sure that it has navigation.
Get a hotel that offers free parking. You can also rent a car on the days you plan to go far away from your hotel.
Something LAish and fun is to rent a luxury car for one day. Finally if renting buy insurance.




I-405 freeway seems to be perpetually gridlocked, especially between US 101 and Long Beach, and you can get in a traffic jam on it anytime,
whether it's rush hour, midnight on Tuesday or noon on Sunday.




If you like to eat and try new things, this is great town for it. Go to Korea Town and try one of their many restaurants!
Try one of the authentic Mexican restaurants. Dim Sum in China town? Go get some great Kosher Deli items in Fairfax district.
Go Japanese in Little Tokyo. Eat at a food truck! You can find it all in LA!




Although LA is pretty safe, it is a big city and you should consider these safety tips. Don't wear expensive jewelry and flash cash around.
Don't leave anything inside your car unless it is in the trunk. Drive in the inner lanes rather than on your right lanes whenever possible on local streets.
Always know where you are going and how to get there before you leave.




Check for discounts tickets for theme parks or events locally in LA.
Also check websites like Groupon or Living social for resturant and other discounts near your hotel.