Mumbai area - Transportation to/ from Hotel



Airport to Hotel


Pre-Paid Taxi
You can use the Pre-paid taxi counter available at Mumbai International Airport to reach your hotel. You'll find the Pre-Paid taxi counter at the international terminal near the exit for taxi cabs. We recommend overseas visitors to use Air-conditioned taxi cabs as Mumbai weather is usually hot and humid. Air conditioned taxi cabs are a little bit more expensive than regular non air-conditioned cabs.

After paying the fare at the counter, you'll receive a receipt with the number of the taxi on it. Make sure you hold onto the receipt until you safely reach your hotel or destination. Receipt is to be handed to the driver at the end of the trip. The driver requires the receipt to get paid by the taxi office.

Fleet Taxi/ Radio Taxi Services
Counters for fleet taxi companies (TAB CAB/ MERU / EASY CAB) are there just before the exit at Mumbai International Airport. All Radio cabs are Air-conditioned. Give the person at the counter your hotel name or destination address, and they will call their Taxi for you.

Private Hotel Car
Most big hotels in Mumbai provide airport pickup services for their guests. Usually it costs more than than Pre-Paid and Radio taxi. Check with your hotel for Airport pickup service options.


Hotel to Airport


Check with bellhop or concierge at your hotel on various available Airport transfer options from your hotel.
You can catch a taxi, radio cab or private car from Hotel to Airport.