Osaka - Public Transportation



Trains - Subway, JR lines & Other companies


Most easiest way to move around in Osaka is by trains, particularly subway and JR West Loop Line, which circles Osaka city.
Osaka has four major train stations - Shin-Osaka Station, JR Osaka Station or Umeda Station for Subways, Namba Station, Tennoji Station.
Osaka is served by over seven different railways and subway companies. Most relevant to tourists are the city subway lines and the lines (especially loop line) operated by JR West. Railway lines operated by other private railway companies are useful for accessing neighboring cities and regions of Osaka.


Public buses


Osaka has an extensive network of Public buses available for commuting. Buses are good for short distance travel where Subways or train stations are not located.




• To purchase Subway or train tickets, put money in the ticketing machine and then the punch number of passengers and amount (in Yen) as displayed on the route map above machines. Machine will spit out tickets and any change if applicable back to you.
• Different types of one or multiple days discount passes are available for traveling through the Osaka public transport system.
• JR West Loop Line (or Osaka loop line) circles Osaka city and goes through all major stations in Osaka city.