Portland: Currency Exchange



The US Dollar


Usually airport, and hotels has worst rates and charges higher commission, so change only minimal required currency at these kinds of places.
Portland has currency exchange counters like Travelex currency Services and others, however rates are usually little bit higher than banks.
You can also exchange currency at banks, however will have to pay fees/commission. If you are changing large amount of currency then it is worth checking with a few banks as every bank exchange rates and fees differ slightly.
You can also buy US Dollars at home from your bank before getting on to the plane for Portland.


Credit cards


Your credit card provides you with absolute best exchange rate for purchases in the US. Please check beforehand with your bank for the additional fees on the top of exchange rate for using your card in a foreign country before you decide to use you credit card. Visa and Master cards are widely accepted all over in the Portland area establishments.




ATM machines allows cash withdrawal in local US$ using international credits cards like Visa/Plus and Mastercard/Cirrus. Please check with your bank for any additional fees for using your ATM card in a foreign country before you decide to use you ATM card.


Traveller cheques


Traveller's cheques are accepted by hotels and banks in the US. Traveller cheques may be subject to a fee.