San Diego - Travel Tips




San Diego's climate is quite mild and moderate, but it can rain at times. Sometimes Santa Ana winds can turn winter into summer.
We recommend checking San Diego weather forecast before starting your trip.


Car Rental


- San Diego is a driving town. Unless you are staying walking distance or short bus ride, rent a car.
- Make sure that you have navigation system. Get a hotel that offers free parking.
- Make sure to use coupons and deals online before coming.
- You can also rent a car on the days you plan to go far away from your hotel.




Finding something to eat from fast food to the exotic is very easy in San Diego.
Try one of the authenic Mexican or fresh seafood restaurants.
You can find it all here! For cheaps eats, buy at the grocery store and heat up in your room!




Although San Diego is safe, it is a city and you should consider these safety tips.
- Don't wear expensive jewelry and flash cash around.
- Don't leave anything inside your car unless it is in the trunk.
- Drive in the inner lanes rather than on your right lanes whenever possible on local streets.
- Always know where you are going and how to get there before you leave.


Electricity (Power)


If visiting from outside of North America, you may require an electrical adapter for any electronics or appliances you want to bring.
The United States uses 110 to 120 volts AC (60 cycles).




Check for discounts deals online for hotels and events.
Also check websites like Groupon or Living social for resturant and other local discounts.