North Seoul Tower (Namsan) - Seoul

North Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower) provides a great 360 degree view of Seoul.
It is located atop of Namsan Mountain in Namsan Park, and considered an icon in the city.
In addition to the great views, you will find a museum, mist fountain, cable ride, movies, exhibitions, restaurants, and snack bars.
Bring your own lock or buy one to add it to the designated Lovelock trees and/ or fences.




105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


Admission Fee


Yes. Observatory $9000won Alive Museum $12,000 won


Getting There


Take the Namsan Sunhwan loop Shuttle Bus #2 up to the North Tower (every 15 minutes):
From subway line 3 or 4 exit on Chungmuro Station
Take Exit 2 (Daehan Cinema) and catch the shuttle on street near Exit 4


From subway line 3 exit on Dongguk University Station
Take Exit 6 and take the shuttle near the exit

More directions and Information available at Namsan Tower Website




- The Tower and surrounding attractions will take you a minimum of 2 hours.
- Once off the shuttle bus, you will walk up a very steep hill to the tower so wear good walking shoes and bring water.
- Take the Namsan Cable Car and Namsan Orumi (slanted elevator) down to Myeong-Dong once you are finished.
   You will get great views of the city and is fun to do. It costs approximately $6000 won one way.
- Combine the trip with shopping/snacking in the Myeong-Dong shopping area.
   Seoul Myeong-Dong area is a mixture of big name stores, malls, and street stalls. This is a good place to buy souvenirs!
   It is located near Myeong-Dong Subway Station which is a 15 minute walk from the Namsan Orumi.




Visit Namsan Tower Website for more information for Visitors