National Museum of Korea - Seoul

The National Museum of Korea is the largest museum in Korea.
It houses priceless Korean cultural artifacts from Korea’s beginnings to the modern era.

Along with the permanent exhibits, there is a special exhibit gallery, children’s museum, and many educational programs.

The views of the city from the museum are beautiful and the surrounding park provides a nice break.

The Museum offers a digital guide service for a fee and must be reserved one day prior online

Free tours are available in Korean, English, Mandarin, and Japanese.




137, Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


Admission Fee


Free for General Entrance and Children’s Museum
Fee for Special Exhibition Gallery and Programs
Closed on Mondays


Getting There


Directions are available at National Museum of Korea website - Directions page




- The amount of time you spend at the museum depends on your interest. If you see all the areas it will take 4-5 hours.
- Bring water, snacks, and good walking shoes.
- Entrance for each session in the children’s museum is limited so make an online reservation for specific times; or take your chances
   and get a ticket at the museum (first-come, first-served basis).
- Online reservations are only available in Korean so ask the hotel concierge to help you make a reservation for the Children’s
   museum and for the digital guides.
- Combine this attraction with a visit to the Yongsan Family Park- grassy fields, Pavilions, and Gardens.




Visit the National Museum of Korea Website for tourist information