Singapore - Little India

Little India offers temples, shops, and restaurants.  

Depending on the season, you may get to see one of the big festivals like Thaipusam, Deepavali, and Pongal.  

Try the Fish Head Curry and dine on banana leaves, or try chapatis at many of the restaurants or hawker centers.  

Go to the Little India Arcade for  souvenirs and spices.   

Great place to soak up local culture!

Address 60 Bukit Timah Road
Admission Fee Free
Getting There By SMRT
Take the Downtown (blue) or North East line (purple) line and exit at the Little India station.  Click here for SMRT Map

Click here for more transportation options

Check the weather for before you go since you will be outside.  Rain can be heavy.  
Good idea to combine this attraction with the Chinatown. Should take at least 2 hours or more depending on your interest.

Tips for Bargaining:

Begin with asking the price of the item you are interested in.
Once the merchant states the price, ask if there is a discount? Or, state that it is too expensive and walk away.
If the merchant goes down in price, bargain away.
Make sure to bargain but only if you intend to purchase. 
Determine the price that you are willing to pay, and is fair to the merchant.  Don't go beyond that price!  
Be ready to walk away politely, there is usually another stall carrying the same item.
If you are buying multiple amounts of an item, make sure to ask for a discount

Have cash on hand
Bring small bill denominations 
Bring a bag to carry your goods

If visiting temples, be aware that many of them require women to wear a long skirt or pants, and covered shoulders.  Bring a large scarf to cover.

Website Visit Little India Website for tourist information