Taipei Convenience and Local Stores


Buying Supplies


In Taipei you can shop either at convenience stores ( most of them are open 24x7), or at grocery stores spread across all over town for your needs for water, snacks, special dietary food items, fruits etc.
Taipei has tons of convenience and many Grocery stores open 24 hours a day. You can locate them easily in the city.


Convenience Stoes


7-Eleven, Hi-Life, OK Mart, Family Mart


Grocery Stores


Wellcome, RT Mart, PX Mart, Carrefour




Going food shopping is a tourist attraction in itself. Take some time to check out local candy, food, and drinks (teas) in the stores. Some of these items make for cheap, fun, and tasty souvenirs.
Buy larger sizes of water and refill. They are usually half the price of the smaller bottles.
FYI: Most of the Convenience stores offer simple and fresh sandwiches on good bread!