Taipei Public Transportation Information


Taipei MRT


The MRT is frequent, travels to most attractions, and fairly inexpensive. The MRT runs from 6am until midnight.

For your convenience buy an Easy Card at a metro station.
It saves the time of purchasing new tickets every time you go on the metro.
These can be reloaded as needed at the station kiosk.
Easycard Stores value card NT$500 (Deposit NT$100 Stored value NT$400).
It offers 20% discount on fares when using Easycard compared to single trip tickets fares. Easycard can be used both on MRT and Buses.

Another option is to buy an MRT or Metro tourist day-pass.
Tourist day-pass is a good value only if you are planning to use the MRT and public buses a lot in ONE day.
A 1-day unlimited metro pass cost NTD180. MRT rates are pretty cheap; for example, Taipei station all the way up north end to Tamsui station is NTD50 one way.
You can find out detailed information about fares for the MRT at Taipei Metro Website


Taipei Public Bus


Taipei also has a very efficient and inexpensive public bus network; however, you need to know your bus number and stop name (written in Chinese) as English is very limited on the public buses.

Taipei metro also operates a GPS based e-bus system to provide bus timings and location info online as well as at smart bus stops.
More information available at the e-bus website (Chinese Only)


Taipei Local Transport Tips


Buy an EasyCard (aka Yoyo Card) to escape from the hassle of buying ticket eveytime you want to take MRT.
EasyCard is the stored-value card like Octopus card in Hong Kong.
Adult/child EasyCards sell for NT$500/300, of which NT$100 is a deposit.
In addition to MRT rides (which the card gives you a discount on fare) it also works in buses in Taipei area.
You can reload EasyCard at any MRT station or 7-11 convenience store.
When you are leaving Taipei just returned it back to any MRT station.
You will get back your deposit as well as any remaining value on the EasyCard.