Skytree Tower

The Tokyo Skytree Tower is the tallest broadcast tower located on the Tokyo Solamachi building complex in Sumida.
The Skytree has two enclosed observation decks, Tembo- 350m, Tembo Galleria- 450m. The views are spectacular on the Tembo and Tembo galleria deck.
The top floor has ceiling to floor windows. The middle floor has the souvenir shop and Musashi Sky Restaurant. The lowest floor features glass panels on the floor to view the bottom, and a café.
Purchase your ticket on the 4th floor, reserve online (Japanese language and credit cards only), or from your hotel concierge.
A fast elevator ride will take visitors to the Tembo floor of the first observation deck. You can buy tickets for the Galleria deck here. After viewing Tokyo, then go down the elevator to exit the tower on the 5th floor.




1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan


Admission Fee


Day of Tickets (wait in line) - 2060 Yen per adult
Advance Tickets (set time and day) - 2570 Yen per adult
Tembo Galleria – additional 1030 Yen per adult
Fast Skytree (International visitors only; passport required) - 2820 Yen per adult


Getting There




Before going to the Tower check the Weather! Clear and Sunny Day is recommended! This attraction will take about 30 minutes once on the elevators.
You can combine this attraction with
- the Sumida Aquarium
- And/or Sensoji Temple & Asakusa area shopping

If you want to save money and time, go early and buy tickets as soon as they open at 8AM. There is less haze in the morning so you have a better chance for a good view and shorter wait time.
The views from the Tembo and Galleria deck are similar. You could skip the galleria and spend the additional 1000 Yen per person elsewhere.
If you wait until later in the day, buy a fast Skytree ticket. Your wait is usually less than 30 minutes, otherwise you can wait 2 hours plus. A passport is required to purchase these tickets!
The Tokyo Solamachi complex has shops and a large food court. They have potable water so bring a water bottle to refill. Good place for lunch.