Toronto - Local Stores Information


In and around Toronto, there are many options of stores for travelers for family supplies.
Small independently owned markets/ stores/ stalls, farmers' markets, and chain stores can be found all over Toronto in the city and subway stations.

We have included some Toronto stores names below for your convenience.

Convenience Stores


 - 7-11, Mac's
 - Circle K 
 - J-C Foodland

Pharmacy Stores

 - Rexall
 - Shopper's Drug Mart

Grocery Stores

 - Whole Foods
 - Loblaw
 - Metro
 - Longo's
 - Sobey's
 - Rabba Fine Foods

Did you know?

 - In Toronto Chinatown, you will find unique local shops selling all sorts of Asian delicacies.
 - Many of the grocery, convenience, and Pharmacy stores in Toronto have ready made food which are fresh, tasty and affordable price. Grab something in the morning for a quick and cheap breakfast or at lunch on the go.
 - Many of these Toronto local stores also carry souvenirs at a lower price than many of the touristy gift shops

- Try one of the many Farmer's Markets like the Lawrence or Kensington Markets